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7 Day Tour to Nicaragua

Day 1:

Welcome to Nicaragua, after a long trip relax and enjoy some appetizers and a complimentary drink by the pool. Orientation after dinner and time for Q&A will be given.

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Day 2:

Trip to Masaya Market, a place full of culture and history and see wonderful handcraft items made by the finest artisans in Nicaragua. After visit the natural garden attractions of Catarina and it’s panoramic view, then spend the afternoon dining and swimming at Apoyo Lake a natural wonder.

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Day 3:

See the beauty of volcano Mombacho and it’s rainforest. Ride the canopy at the base of the mountain and look at a coffee farm from above the trees, then travel to the top and be absorbed into the rainforest walking trail and then enjoy a picnic. Return to the hotel and rest, then take in the evening adventure of gazing into the active Masaya volcano and see moving lava.

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Day 4:

Discover the colonial city of Granada and tour the islands of Lake Nicaragua and its natural beauty by boat. Walk Granada and take in the enchanted historical buildings, churches, hotels and restaurants. Taste the most popular foods of Granada and enjoy the city. Back at the hotel by 5 p.m.

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Day 5:

The adventure continues with the option of the tour of Flor de Cana rum Factory or Cerro Negro volcano and sandboarding. Spend the afternoon at El transito Beach for lunch, surf and sun.

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Day 6:

Beach time! Enjoy 2 days of beach and sun at the city of San Juan Del Sur and experience the nightlife and fun food of local restaurants.

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Day 7:

Return to Timeless hotel at 7 for dinner and have a relaxing night.

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Day 8:

One last Nica-breakfast then time to fly home or extend your stay and experience other adventures.

Thank you for choosing Timeless Hotel Boutique.