2nd Entrance Las Colinas 1.2km east, 200mt south.
Claro 84103590
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An Adjoining Room

Max person:
Room bed: 4 Double Beds

This room is perfect for big groups. It is two rooms which can accommodate 8 people and has a connecting door. These two rooms are equal to the standard rooms with the difference of the connecting door.
  • Traditional and Continental Breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi Connection
  • Flat screen TV and Cable TV
  • Wardrobe
  • Radio / Alarm Clock
  • Additional Pillow
  • Hot Water System
  • Air Conditioning
From 12:00 to 1:00 pm
11:00 am
Cancelation must be made 24hrs prior. Client will automatically charge one night for late cancelation. Cancelation made on time will not incure an additional charge.Please advice us for late arrivals in order to better accomodate you.

Free international calls are limited to United States and Canada. Other international calls will incur a fee. Local calls and cell phone calls are limited to 15 minutes, long calls may incur a fee.

It is not allow smoking in the rooms. a fine of $100 will be charge

per night

  • 1 people $65
  • 2 people $70
  • 3 people $75
  • 4 people $80
  • + Taxes
  • Each Room is Charged Separately

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